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Project Description

16 inch 8000W Scooter Motor for Motorcycle, Bike and Scooter

The motorcycle powered by this 16 inch 8000W Scooter Motor can reach 120km/h in speed.

Advantages of 16 inch 8000W Scooter Motor

1) High efficiency 85% to 91%.
2) Run more distance per charge, long battery life.
3) Low temperature rise, low failure rate.
4) Resistant to high current, shock resistance.
5) Actual rated power (continuous), no cheating in power.
6) Two sets of Hall Sensor, 1 for use and 1 for backup.

16 inch 8000W Scooter Motor (273)
Type: DC Brushless Motor
Version: V2, V3
Power Range: 2000W, 3000W, 4000W, 5000W, 6000W, 7000W and 8000W.
Voltage Range: 48V, 60V, 72V, 84V, 96V, 108V, 120V.
Magnet Height: 50mm
Wheel Size: 16 x 3 inch
Recommendation Tyre: 110/80-16.
Speed: 30 – 120km/h
Torque: 30 – 290N.m
Axle: dual side shaft type
Brake: disc brake (220mm)
Hall Sensor: 2 sets (1 for use and 1 for backup)

Unit Packing Size: 50x50x33cm/carton
Color: Black, White, Golden, Silver etc.
Max. Working Termperature: 70 ℃ (peak 120℃ in 5 – 10 second)
Waterproof Grade: IP54

Cover Style of 16 inch Scooter Motor

16inch Scooter Motor Cover

Drawing of 16inch Scooter Motor

16inch scooter motor drawing