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Project Description

4000W Car Motor

Ideal solution for your light electric car

Advantage of 4000W Car Motor
1) High Power: 4000W (continuous) and max. up to 8000W.
2) High Efficiency: max. 85% to 91%. Save your battery power and energy.
3) Run more distance per charge, long battery life.
4) Support voltage from DC 48V to 96V. Recommend voltage 72V.
5) Low temperature rise, low failure rate.
6) Resistant to high current, shock resistance.
7) Actual rated power (continuous), no cheating in power.
8) 2 sets of Hall Sensor, 1 for use and 1 for backup.
9) Customize PCB size and rim mount screws (4pcs or 5pcs).

4000W Car Motor
1) Motor Type: DC Brushless Motor
2) Version: V3
3) Power (Continuous Power): 4000W.
4) Max. Power: 6400W (peak 8000W)
5) Voltage Range: 72V (option 72V-96V).
6) Magnet Height: 55mm (second generation, powerful type)
7) Recommendation Rim/Hub: 12 inch or above
8) Rim Mount Screw: 4 mount screws (option 5 mount screws)
9) PCB Size: 4 x 100mm (or customize)
10) Speed: 30 – 85km/h
11) Torque: 30 – 190N.m
12) Brake: disc brake (180mm)
13) Hall Sensor: 2 sets (1 for use and 1 for backup)
14) Max. Working Termperature: 70 ℃ (peak 120℃ in 5 – 10 second)
15) Waterproof Grade: IP54
16) Color: Black
17) Net Weight: 16.50kgs
18) Unit Packing Size: 34x34x33cm/carton

Advice on Motor Speed

1) The max. speed of 4000W car motor ranges from 60km/h to 85km/h.
2) The recommend max. speed is 85km/h at battery voltage 72V.
3) The speed of motor will go up when the voltage of battery increases.
4) It is better to advise the voltage of your battery and your expected speed. And we can recommend the correct motor versions to you.
5) This 4000W car motor fit 12 inch rim or above, 4pcs or 5pcs rim mount screws.
6) This 4000W car motor is the perfect solution for small electric car.

Advice on Motor Controller

1) You should choose 80-150A (power current limited) controller for this 4000W Car Motor.
2) This 4000W car motor can support both Trapezoidal Type and Sinusoidal Type controllers.
3) The recommended controllers are APT Controller 96450, LB Controller 72252, Sabvoton Controller 72100, 72150 and other brands.
4) Please feel free to contact us if you have no idea of how to choose the matching controller. We will behind you all the way.

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Drawing of 4000W Car Motor

car motor drawing

The pictures of 4000W Car Motor be mounted on 12 inch Rim/Hub.